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Who are we ?

Our firm is specialized in co-ownership and commercial premises. We offer you access to a
legal protection service specializing in sinister with : co-ownership, trustee, neighborhood,
liability and damage insurance.

VICTIMS as professionals and traders have access to our legal and technical platform
directed by Mr. Ehud Edouard HAZAN, composed of paralegals, experts specialized in
insurance law in partnership with lawyers, bailiffs and recognized engineers.

We support you in order to resolve your litigation and organize the defense of your interests
in close collaboration with experts, sappers, bailiffs and specialized building laboratories.

Oudinex: The result by principle.


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What is our field of activity?

The insurance field is distinguished by its technical complexity and its diversity of branches, specific to each part of the contracts, especially when it comes to professional insurance.

Insurance has become one of the priorities of French people taking out multiple insurance policies in order to cover the inherent risks in their professional activities : "Property damage,Civil liability, Loss of business".

The INSURED, victim of a prejudice, has the right to compensation allowing him to restore his financial situation as it was before his sinister.

Nowadays, it is very difficult for the insured to argue the insurance policy subscribed with companies.

Together, your claim will be compensated in 2020

What is our specialty?

We intervene in the event of a sinister, within the framework of an amicable or contentious management. We are specialized in direct recourse and complex cases.

Through long technical and legal experience, we put our expertise to your benefit, via free specialized legal protection tools.

This service is provided by our lawyers and our best legal partners recognized in France such as: Bailiffs, Lawyers and Experts approved by the Court of Cassation.


Who are our customers?

Our customers mainly are companies such as: pharmacies, restaurants, opticians, commercial chains, medical offices, real estate agencies, supermarkets ...

Our legal protection service is dedicated exclusively to networks and franchises located in Paris and Ile de France according to a previously established process.


What do we offer?

By simple email from you, we take care of the first analysis and advice of your claim within 48 hours.

In order to resolve your litigation according to the usual legal procedure allowing in most cases to find an amicable solution, we proceed with your agreement, to send the first two letters of formal notice within 10 days.

In the event of resistance from your insurance company, we will initiate a possible contentious phase in collaboration with lawyers specialized in insurance law.

We offer you precise and complete expertise so you can have the weapons necessary to resolve your litigation with your insurer.

Clip musical de The Avener "Under the Waterfall"

Who are the insurers today ?

The INSURER, initially a mutual company, whose main mission was to cover various risks, has become a multinational insurance company made up of various stockholders.

Seven of the world's largest banks and insurance companies are located in Paris, the second city in the world and home of multinational companies with sales of more than € 2,000,000,000.

At the end of 2019, insurers outstandings financial investment amounted to € 2,703,000,000 (two thousand seven hundred three billion euros), up € 205 billion over the year.

Jacques ATTALI, in one of his books, said: "Insurance companies, which have become regulators of the world, will set the standards to which States, businesses and individuals will have to comply. Private governance bodies will monitor compliance with these standards on behalf of these insurers.” (A brief history of the future, Fayard in 2006)

This is why we must convince the insurance company to guarantee solidarity and mutuality in place of the State through a membership contract, the content of which is by definition non-negotiable.

Indeed, according to the 2018 FFSA annual report, the premiums collected in insurance amount to the sum of 60.3 billion euros per year, while the benefits paid to the insured reach the sum of 42.20 billion euros. This very important profit of 18.1 billion euros compared to other branches of insurance is to the detriment of the victims, whose compensation has been refused, in order to be spent on advertising and distributed to shareholders.

This financial situation sometimes creates a conflict of interest with the victims, by increasing the number of non-indemnified claims and the obligation to present optimal results to shareholders at the end of each trimester.

OUDINEX can guarantee you the best negotiation and transaction with your insurers.


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